Nike App Onboarding

A Beautiful, Personalized Member Home and Onboarding Experience

Client: Nike
Date: March 2, 2020
Services: App Dev - Video and Image shaders - Animation

Nike App

We partnered with Nike’s Digital Product team to solve a problem – how can the Nike App better educate Nike Members of their benefits, and keep them coming back to the app day after day?
We set out to create an easy, fun onboarding experience that would land Members on a beautiful, personalized Member Home. The team navigated the twists and turns with grace, grit, and humor, creating beautiful work we ultimately delivered right as the pandemic hit, making the launch of our work uncertain.

Nearly a year later, Nike has launched the new Nike App onboarding experience globally on both iOS and Android. All that work paid off – Nike has found that the onboarding experience presents very little friction to consumers with 95%+ completion rate of all questions.